2012 Los Cabos

The G20 Leaders’ Summit was held from 18-19 June 2012 in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Key outcomes of the summit included:

  • the establishment of country-specific measures each G20 member would take to strengthen demand, growth, confidence and financial stability under the Los Cabos Growth and Jobs Action Plan
  • reaffirmation of G20 member pledges to increase International Monetary Fund (IMF) resources by US$456 billion and to implement the 2010 IMF quota and governance reforms
  • further extension of the G20’s pledge to resist and roll back protectionist trade and investment measures to the end of 2014, together with acknowledgement of trade as a key driver of economic growth
  • commitment to further the World Trade Organization (WTO) Doha Round Negotiations and press for outcomes on trade facilitation and streamlining accession procedures for least developed countries
  • a call for deeper analysis (by the WTO, OECD and United Nations Conference of Trade and Development) of the impact on global value chains of restrictive trade and investment measures
  • progress on the G20 development agenda, particularly on food security, financial inclusion, sustainable development and inclusive green growth
  • Australia co-launched and committed A$20 million to the AgResults initiative, aimed at enhancing food security for the poor.

A G20 Leaders’ Declaration was released at the conclusion of the summit.