Youth 20 (Y20)

The Y20 brings together young leaders from across G20 countries – building their skills and networks, and identifying the most pressing economic challenges and opportunities facing young people today. The Y20 is a forum for developing cooperation with the future generation, and provides a platform for young people to have their voices heard on issues relevant to the G20 agenda.

The Y20 this year has been organised by the Youth Commission for Diplomacy and Collaboration (YCDC), chaired Mr. Emre Cenker, President of YCDC, Mr. Hakan Bingöl Vice President CEO and Ms. Serpil Meto Vice President.

Further information about the Y20 is available at their official website.

Please note: The Y20 is an independent group. The Turkish Government and/or G20 do not control or necessarily endorse the material on the linked Y20 website.