The exhibition ‘’The 16th Century Genius, Matrakçı Nasuh’’ which continues to be exhibited in 3 continents- 10 cities- 9 countries, under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is exhibited  at the G20 summit in Antalya between the 15th-16th of November 2015.

The civilization, culture and art that the Ottoman state left in the soil that they ruled hundreds of years is analysed, observed and has been affecting deeply the viewers still today. The art of elegance, good taste, and decency in the art of the Ottoman civilization which affected directly the entire World, is observed with a great admiration and still admired today.

The empire gave value to people of different races, religions and languages that it raised and hosted, and made them valuable. This richness reflected on a cultural efficiency. Grown in such a civilization, a prominent character given value.


‘’Nasuh bin Karagöz bin Abdullah el Bosnavi’’ that is to say ‘’Matrakçı Nasuh.’’ersary of his death, Matrakçı Nasuh is taken into account of the ‘Commemoration and Celebration Anniversaries’ of UNESCO.

For the 450th anniversary of his death, Matrakçı Nasuh is taken into account of the ‘Commemoration and Celebration Anniversaries’ of UNESCO.

A selection of journeys described by the ‘’16th Century Genius Matrakçı Nasuh’’, in the Works ’Beyan-ı Menazil-i Sefer-i Irakeyn’’ in which he told about his eastern journeys and ‘’Tarih-i Feth-i Şikloş Estergon İstol-Belgrad’’ in which he told his western journey, were transferred to our classical arts which did not lose their value through history, the ceramic and calligraphy by 12 female artists under the leadership of the ceramic artist Sevim Ersoy.

The exhibition is exhibited between 15th / 16th November 2015 at the Regnum Hotel in the framework of the G20 Summit hosted by Turkey, in Antalya. 

PROJECT: IKASD Intercultural Art Dialogues Association of Istanbul
CURATOR: Beste Gürsu
CERAMIC ARTISTS: Sevim Ersoy –  Deniz Mutlu Erdoğan – Ebru Şengül  – Erman Özcan – Fatma Çakır –  Günseli Devrim – Muhterem Pakyürek – Sibel Dileksiz – Sibel Gürgener –  Yeşim Ufukşen
PAINTER: Sema Bicik

For further information: +90 212 293 91 50, +90 542 425 82 85
IKASD- Gizem Gürpınar