Turkey’s G20 Presidency logo combines diverse patterns, some traditional, some modern. Each representing a component of the unique cultural heritage of Turkey. These symbolize harmony, innovation, togetherness, growth and synergy. They are all in harmony with the working principles and the founding spirit of the G20. After all, the important dimension of the G20 is to bring together advanced and emerging economies representing different parts of the world and having diverse cultural backgrounds around the same table.

The second element in the Turkish Presidency logo is the tulip. In classical Turkish culture, the tulip symbolizes beauty, elegance and perfection. Since the Ottoman period, the tulip has been one of the main symbols of Istanbul and it was widely used in classic Turkish arts. For us the tulip is more than a flower. It is a way of expressing perfection in our classical art and poetry.

Using the G20 Logo

The G20 logo is a Turkish Government logo registered for Trademark, therefore there are conditions around its use.  Logo use should be related to official G20 events and associated products. The logo is not for use on commercial products unrelated to the G20.

All logo usage must be given prior approval by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To apply for permission to use G20 logo, please complete the Logo Request Form and return to G20media@mfa.gov.tr

The G20 logo may be used by third parties in limited circumstances – such as use in educational publications and media – but only where authorized in advance. Applications received from partners or stakeholders external to the Turkish Government must meet the following criteria:

Turkey logo
  • Logo use relates to official G20 messages.
  • Logo use is intended for official G20 events, activities, products, information and documents.
  • Written content for G20 products such as newsletters, documents, website information or other has obtained authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Media organizations can apply to use the logo if they are covering official G20 events.

Anyone who detects the sale of any G20 Turkey counterfeit product may provide information by contacting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at G20media@mfa.gov.tr