“No ideology, religion or any other circumstance can justify the atrocities perpetrated by terrorists”, says Mariano Rajoy

The President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, explained to the media that the first two work sessions of the G-20 Summit principally focused on two issues: climate change and the economic situation.

As regards the first of these, the President of the Government recalled that the fight against climate change is “a global challenge that requires an effort from everyone”. In this regard, he expressed his desire for the Climate Summit to be held in Paris at the end of the month, which he will attend, “to be a success”.

 Spain, fully committed to climate change

The President of the Government underlined that Spain, fully committed to the fight against climate change, has always “worked together with the rest of the EU countries”. Furthermore, Mariano Rajoy stressed that we have met the commitments under the Kyoto Protocol which imply, among other things, a 40% reduction in emissions by 2030.

This commitment, added Mariano Rajoy, also affects funding for climate change and, in particular, the Green Fund. On this point, he commented that, over the last four years, Spain has contributed 1.4 billion euros (last Friday a 120-million euro provision was approved for the Green Climate Fund).

Economic improvement in Spain

In relation to the improvement in the economy, President of the Government Rajoy said that his speech focused on explaining the situation of the Spanish economy and in analysing international perspectives.

As regards Spain, the President of the Government explained that “it is clear that things have greatly changed since 2012, something which, he underlined, was also highlighted by both President Obama and the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.

Mariano Rajoy added that, in Spain, “there is a clear course mapped out which we must persevere along because there is still a great deal to do, there is still significant room for growth”, and “there are still many people in a situation of need”.

As regards the global economy, Mariano Rajoy declared that the G-20 must serve “to coordinate the economic policies of every country in the world”, and to combat current global imbalances: market volatility, the fall in the price of raw materials and the slowdown of emerging economies. The aim, he added, is to ensure “greater market flexibility”.

Migratory crisis

According to the President of the Government, the migratory crisis that affects Europe and terrorism are the two issues that will be tackled during the working dinner.

Mariano Rajoy recalled Spain’s position regarding refuges. “To offer the right to asylum to those people, who on political grounds or due to warfare cannot live in their own countries”. “This is something closely tied into European civilisation”, he explained.

He also pointed to the need to resolve the conflicts in Syria and Libya. As regards Syria, he remarked that the solution lies in an agreement between the main powers (Russia, the United States and the EU) to combat the common enemy – DAESH, the Islamic State.

As regards immigration on economic grounds, the President of the Government stated that he favoured reaching agreements with the countries of origin of these people, something that Spain has now been doing for some years.

Fight against terrorism

Crespo As regards terrorism, Mariano Rajoy remarked that this is “one of the toughest, bloodiest and most terrible problems we have lived through”. Moreover, he stressed that no ideology, religion or circumstance “can justify the atrocities committed by terrorists”. “This is a war between civilisation and barbarism”, he claimed.

In his opinion, first of all the fight against terrorism requires unity. “It is key for all to be united, all countries”. Other measures are also necessary, such as putting an end to their funding, facilitating the exchange of information and establishing border controls.

Mariano Rajoy also pointed out that “it is fundamental to remember victims and to honour their memory”, because they “help delegitimize any excuse or justification that violence seeks to encounter”.

In terms of the possible Spanish victims of Friday’s attacks in Paris, the President of the Government confirmed the death of Juan Alberto González Garrido. He also expressed his solidarity with France and stressed that “the French people will have our full support in the fight against terrorism and our full support in returning to normality as swiftly as possible”.

Source: http://www.lamoncloa.gob.es/lang/en/presidente/news/Paginas/2015/20151115–antalya.aspx