Second G20 Development Working Group Meeting held in Ankara

The second meeting of the G20 Development Working Group (DWG) under Turkey’s G20 Presidency was held in Ankara on 9-10 April 2015. Representatives of G20 members, invited countries and international organizations attended the meeting.

In the second DWG meeting, progress to date this year under the following five priority work areas of the DWG was discussed:

  • Domestic Resource Mobilization
  • Financial Inclusion and Remittances
  • Food Security and Nutrition
  • Human Resource Development
  • Infrastructure

In the DWG meeting, delegates discussed matters related to progressing the G20 development agenda under the five priority areas.

Delegates also exchanged views on Turkey’s proposal to take forward new work on inclusive business, and evaluated the outcomes and key messages which emerged from the G20-B20 Workshop on Inclusive Business held on 8 April 2015 in Ankara, one day before the DWG meeting.

Enhancing policy coherence and coordination between the DWG and other G20 work streams was another important agenda item of the second DWG meeting, and delegates discussed specific ways and means to that end.

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