Telling the G20 Story to The World: Turkey’s Communication Strategy

During its 2015 G20 Presidency Turkey conducted  a comprehensive communication programme to tell its unique story to the world.

“G-20. Together for Inclusive and Robust Growth”

Up until this year, G20’s primary goal was to achieve “strong, sustainable and balanced growth.” In 2015 the Turkish Presidency added “inclusive growth” to the list.

The most concrete indicators of this unique approach have been the establishment of Women-20 (W-20) engagement group which will focus on increasing women’s participation in the workforce; the launch of the Istanbul-based World SME Forum to provide  SMEs with a global voice; adopting  a concrete  G20 goal  to decrease youth unemployment; and establishing closer dialogue with Low-Income Developing Countries (LIDCs).

To this end, during its communication programme , Turkey used the motto “G-20. Together for Inclusive and Robust Growth”.

Women, Youth and SMEs

This message has been delivered through three separate 30-second videos designed on the three concrete elements of Turkish Presidency’s inclusiveness agenda, namely women, youth and SMEs. A fourth video combined all these elements.

Thanks to this communication programme, initiated at the G20 Finance Ministers meeting in early September, the videos broadcast and the visuals printed have ensured that Turkey’s G20 message was conveyed to the world via TV channels, newspapers, and magazines as well as digital platforms and open-air ad spaces.

International Media Visits

Within its G20 communication programme , Turkey organized press trips for the members of the foreign media during the Sherpa Meeting in Bodrum in June, the Finance and Labor Ministers meeting in Ankara in September, Energy and Trade Ministers meetings in Istanbul in October as well as the Antalya Summit in November.

44 journalists from 19 countries were invited to take part in these press trips. 160 articles and news stories were published regarding Turkey’s G20 Presidency following these press trips.

Official Publications

In order to communicate its key messages and achievements during the G20 Presidency, Turkey has also supported three publications, namely,

G20 Turkey: The Antalya Summit 2015” (English) by G20 Research Group and Munk School of Global Affairs,

G20 in Turkey” (English, French, German, Russian) by Global Connection and

Turkish Airlines’ Skylife Magazine 32-page Cover Story “The World’s Largest 20 Economies Meet in Antalya” (English and Turkish).

Turkish Airlines supported Turkey’s G20 Presidency communication programme.