Second Investment and Infrastructure Working Group Meeting held in Singapore

The 2nd Investment and Infrastructure Working Group (IIWG) meeting under the Turkish G20 Presidency was held in Singapore on May 25-26, 2015.

The IIWG members noted the progress on the G20 investment agenda of 2015 since the last IIWG meeting held on January 29-30, 2015 in Ankara. The IIWG discussed the ongoing works and draft deliverables under the following priority areas:

  • supporting the improvements in investment ecosystem and country specific investment strategies,
  • mobilizing the multinational development banks’ resources and their roles,
  • facilitating financial intermediation and disseminating data gaps,
  • enabling appropriate legal and institutional settings,
  • improving PPP models, project planning and prioritization process,

The engagement dinner together with the business community and G20 representatives was held on May 25. Also, G20/World Bank Group/Singapore Workshop on Project Prioritization and Preparation was organized on May 26.

In addition, 10th G20/OECD Task Force on Institutional Investors and Long Term Financing was held on May 27 and the Turkish G20 Presidency and OECD, along with Ministry of Finance of Singapore, hosted the 3rd G20/OECD High Level Roundtable on Institutional Investors and Long Term Financing on May 28.

It has been agreed that the third IIWG meeting will take place on August 20-21, 2015 in Berlin, Germany.

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