Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu Outlined Turkey’s 2015 G20 Presidency Priorities in Davos

Speaking in the context of Turkey’s Presidency of the G20, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu told participants at the World Economic Forum’s 45th Annual Meeting that his country’s priorities are an inclusive approach to global growth, implementation of the decisions taken by the G20, and investment for growth.

“World economic order should be based on inclusiveness and G20 is the most appropriate platform to reach this objective” he said.

The G20, which includes both advanced and emerging countries, provides an unprecedented platform for policy coordination, Prime Minister Davutoğlu said. Over the next 12 months the goal is not only to lay the foundations for more robust growth and resilient financial system  but also to include the perspective of low-income developing countries within the G20.

On inclusiveness, the Turkish Prime Minister said he hoped to address the growing challenge of youth unemployment and to bring 100 million more women into the global workforce by 2025 through ensuring the implementation of gender gap commitment of the G20.

Describing inclusive growth as a priority for the G20, Davutoğlu spoke of the role that SMEs (small and medium enterprises) play in achieving sustainable development and the importance of creating the conditions in which they can flourish.

Investment, especially in infrastructure, is key to improving growth prospects. Prime Minister stressed that in next 15 years 70 trillion USD infrastructure investments will be needed at global scale.

He also underlined the importance of an open and functioning multilateral trading system, moving forward G20 collaboration on energy and enhancing cooperation in fight against climate change.

Prime Minister Davutoğlu pointed out that, representing two thirds of world population and 85% of the global economy, G20 members should not just act in accordance with their national interests but focus on collective action to deal with global issues.

To watch the video of Prime Minister Davutoğlu’s speech, please click here.